Minggu, 17 Juni 2012


Person, including the most complex organism on earth. They are easier to disease than other living creatures. A careful balance is maintained by life support systems of the body, but it's delicate balance can be disturbed by the millions of ways. Although the disruption they experienced so much, the body is strong enough to fight it or to live together.
To protect against virus attacks the human disease have developed a series of so-called immune system defenses. Immunity is the ability of an organism, such as humans to resist infection. If the pathogen into the human body, it is a complex chain of defense which consists of cells was acting up. The main part of the immune system are white blood cells, the resulting spleen and bone marrow.
The immune system can not invade any pathogen infection. For example, to attack the AIDS virus is capable of killing anyone who was carrying the disease. Moreover, the immune system usually takes time to reach its full strength, the pathogen that can cause someone pain lemahpun for pathogens that have not been destroyed.

Occurrence Mechanism Greenhouse

The process of the greenhouse effect is related to the cycle of the sun's heat flow. Approximately 30% of solar radiation reaching the ground is reflected back into space and absorbed by the vapor, carbon dioxide gas, nitrogen, oxygen and other gases in the atmosphere. The remaining 70% is absorbed by the land, sea, and clouds. At night soil and water bodies that are relatively warmer than the air above it. Radiated energy is absorbed back into the atmosphere as infrared radiation, longwave radiation or heat energy. Most of this infrared radiation will be captured by carbon dioxide and water vapor in the atmosphere. Only a small fraction will escape into space. The overall result is that the Earth's surface warmed by the presence of molecules of water vapor, carbon dioxide, and the like. This heating effect is known as the greenhouse effect.
While the process in a nutshell that is when the sun's rays penetrate the glass as the radiation of short wave so that the heat of the earth and diserapa by existing plants in the greenhouse. Henceforth, the heat is on radiasikan back, but with long wavelengths (long compared to the energy geklombang) so that the radiation beam can not penetrate glass. As a result, the temperature inside the greenhouse is higher than the temperature outside the greenhouse.

Danger of Acid Rain

There is another danger that without us knowing it has been threatening us, other than Global Warming, the Acid Rain. Acid rain can not be seen and difficult to detect, but it has caused serious problems in various places, perhaps even in our homes. Acid rain is rain that contains high acidity, far exceeding the normal. Acid rain is very dangerous, and could lead to the following:
• Acid rain can make the plants wither and eventually die. Also causes stunted plant growth, and become weak, so vulnerable to weather, disease and insects.
• When the lakes and seas damaged by acid rain, poisoning the fish die, the birds are feeding on the dead spot.
• Buildings and other structures such as bridges, underground pipes, statues and historic monuments will be corroded and damaged. At present many of the railroad and aviation must carefully repair the damage caused by corrosion caused by acid rain.
• People get very sick and even die because of respiratory problems caused by acid rain, especially in those who already suffer from respiratory problems like asthma and so on.

Our skin

The skin that covers the surface of the body including the largest organ of our body ddalam. Skin layer can reach a thickness of 2mm. Skin cells are always experiencing changes in his life, every minute around the turn of the skin is 50.000sel.
• According to the ancient Romans, the word musculus (muscle, in our sense) means little mouse. So called because bntuk biceps muscle when to contract the small rat-like shape on the skin.
• Muscles are built by long cells called muscle fibers. The length of the muscle fibers can reach 30 cm, but daripaa thinner hair.
• Muscles have a varied ukura. Largest and strongest muscle is the gluteus maximus muscle (the buttocks), whereas the smallest muscle is the stapedius muscle length is only an inch or 1mm 0:04 (in the ear). Mlindungi stapedius muscle plays a role in the ears due to loud noises.
• the eye muscles to move more than 100,000 times over 24 hours. Muscle is much bergrak when someone sleeping or dreaming.

Chaotic Papua

Who is from people who are not familiar with Papua Indonesia. One of the largest island has a lot of unparalleled richness. Many beautiful places untouched by man. In addition to beautiful places, Papua also has abundant natural resources, namely gold. But that is very unfortunate that the natural wealth should be owned by the people and the people of Indonesia's Papua has long been usurped by the United States. No one half of the wealth that falls to the people of Papua. The potential for Papua's gold wealth is quite large, estimated at tens of years. Why the leaders are not aware of the rights of the Papuan people who have long been usurped by a foreign country. If you have this if the people of Papua deserved rage and frequent follow-anarchic area of ​​PT. Freeport. Other actions are not they just want to fight for their rights that the government seemed to be blind and deaf their suffering. And also now common OPM flag-raising in the land of Papua. Perhaps those who actually do want to set this flag-raising and their own land and may no longer trust the government leadership. If only more attention to Papua and Freeport can be fully controlled by Indonesia, raising benderapun probably will never happen again.

Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Injustice Law

Clearly the legal injustices in this country. Again there is a case in which a child was sentenced to five years imprisonment because of stealing a pair of sandals that happens to belong to a police officer. The boy who was under age it is punishable by five years in jail because of him that. Obviously this is not fair compared to other major cases. Let's compare it with cases of corruption that this country twist. The suspect even convicted of theft under these sandals. Judging from what is clearly the case in question korupsilah greater than the price of a pair of sandals that cost does not reach Rp. 50,000,. The criminals will not be interested if only for risking keahlianya nominal amount that does not mean it's there for him. Whose name does not have a clearly corrupt nominal targets but certainly not hundreds of thousands of them. Once again let us know the law in dealing with the incident.

Imitate Him

It's a salute to this minister. He is now believed mengkomandoi state affairs in Indonesia cabinets united volume II, Dahlan Isakn name. Since he led the salaries earned PLN president director of jabatanya was not relished. Not that he did not get right, but he deliberately did not enjoy their work for them. Now he has served as minister of state enterprises. Most recently she attended a cabinet meeting in the Palace of the country by riding an electric train and accompanied by a pengawalpun tanpe. Once off the train he boarded a motorcycle taxi to go to the Palace. Having arrived at the palace guards were surprised by these figures was due to him which might be someone who just got off the motorcycle taxis are allowed to enter the palace. Sunggu Mr. Dahlan was behind the superb luxury facilities provided for ministers tiadak he really enjoyed it. Hopefully this figure as an example for the people of Indonesia and also to "his boss".